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in good spirit - July (2nd issue) 2020

Voyager – Travel safely with this game during and beyond the pandemic's time. Release during fall 2020, buy it now!

in good spirit - July 2020


in good spirit - May 2020

Corona, Covid-19: About our status and how we act during the pandemic.

in good spirit - November 2019

Congratulations to Andreas Kuoppa, who has been awarded the Degree of Bachelor of Science, major: Information System Sciences, at Luleå University of Technology!

in good spirit - June 2019

New Design Engineer at Hallbyggarna Jonsereds in Falun

in good spirit - Oct 2018:1

Master or Bachelor Thesis Work and jobs at Hallbyggarna Jonsereds i Falun

in good spirit - Aug 2017:1

Release of the easy-to-use tool for fatigue design, FATcomp®

in good spirit - July 2017:1

Thank you Per Tägtström and good luck!

in good spirit - April 2017:2

Welcome to Toleap's Dream Team Börje Sundell! Börje is a service minded, customer-oriented, hands-on engineer with extensive international experience. He lives in Sveg, Sweden.

in good spirit - April 2017:1

New Dream Team Member! Lennart Ringsjö has worked in world-leading companies around the world. He is results driven with focus on leadership and organisational development. Lennart lives in Bjärred, Sweden.

in good spirit - March 2017:1

Welcome Jose Otero! Jose is a cross-cultural sensitive creator of successful international business. Located in Madrid, Spain.

in good spirit - February 2017:2

The Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce, SACC Detroit, networking at Oakland University Department of Engineering, by Roger Lidgren.

in good spirit - February 2017:1

Juan Carlos Rivera joins Toleap Consulting AB in Mexico, extendeing our local and global customer offer.

in good spirit - January 2017:1

The Steel Design Handbooks updated by Toleap Consulting AB

in good spirit - December 2016:3

Toleap Consulting AB senior adviser and member of the Jury for SSAB's Swedish Steel Prize

in good spirit - December 2016:2

Toleap Consulting AB appointed as senior advisers for ManufacturingGuide

in good spirit - December 2016:1

Toleap Consulting AB in Jönköping and Shanghai

in good spirit - October 2016:2

Professor Jan-Olof Sperle and MSc./Senior Consultant Karl-Erik Olsson join our Dream Team at Toleap Consulting AB.

in good spirit - October 2016

Roger Lidgren joins Toleap Consulting AB. Additional services and training programs.

in good spirit - September 2016

In the first issue we presented our trainings, our services and ourselves.