Toleap Consulting AB
Andreas Kuoppa, Jan Kuoppa and Per Tägtström started the company in September 2016. Toleap Consulting offers unique technical and commercial services, develop modern platforms for learning and implementing customized training.
→ Toleap Consulting AB
Jan Kuoppa
Jan has 40 years experience in teaching, design, calculation, CAD, FEM, production, research and development, leadership and training. Jan's specialty beyond his design expertise is to create and lead the technical and sales training, with participants from all over the world.
→ Jan
Andreas Kuoppa
Andreas is our IT-manager. He has worked with project management in the past and is now studying among other issues computer science and informatics, i.e. the time he does not work within Toleap.
→ Andreas
Roger Lidgren
Roger is our representative in Americas. A wellknown professional within the steel and also the automotive industry. Specialist in production and business development.
→ Roger
Jan-Olof Sperle
Jan-Olof has many years’ experience as a development director with responsibility for the development of products, strategies and business, furthermore as a technical expert, a professor and a researcher. Jan-Olof has a unique expertice on a variety of subjects. Especially fatigue issues and the FATcomp software are his focus areas within Toleap Consulting AB.

→ Jan-Olof
Karl-Erik Olsson
Karl-Erik is our representative both for APAC and EMEA. Karl-Erik will open more markets for us, he is an internationally well-recognised market developer, sales- and businessman.
→ Karl-Erik
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos Rivera
Juan Carlos Rivera is our representative in Americas. He has over 20 years of experience working for different global companies and has a large network in the automotive, steel, aerospace and electro domestic industry.
→ Juan Carlos
Jose Otero
Jose Otero, has long international experience of managing complex international business development projects. Delivering top business results despite very hard international competition. Jose's mission is to bring Nordic Knowledge into Spanish companies.
→ Jose
Successful business developer with experience from different countries and cultures
Lennart Ringsjö has worked in different positions and areas in world-leading companies. He is results driven with focus on leadership and works with change, improvement and organisational development.
→ Lennart
Börje Sundell
Börje is a real hands-on engineer with deep theoretical knowledge. He is also very customer and business oriented, always ready to assist the customers with the best services available.
→ Börje