New Design Engineer appointed at Hallbyggarna in Falun!
The vaccancy is now appointed. Thanks to all of you who showed interest and supported us during the search. Read more in the June issue of our newsletter.
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Hallbyggarna Jonsereds AB
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Here you find the history of Hallbyggarna, their team and their products.
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The alpha-version is a real bargain for your company or institution. We offer also further discount depending on the number of licenses you order. Go ahead and select the solution that meets your needs.
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FATcomp® –the easy-to-use tool for Fatigue Design
Fatigue accounts for more than 90 % of construction failures. Our mission is to reduce the number of fatigue failures and increase the durability of fatigue loaded structures.
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Technical and Commercial Know-how
Toleap Consulting AB specializes in competence development of technology and sales for companies and organizations. We have long experience of international trainings. The technical part of our training programs consists of applied knowledge in design, production technique and choice of material. Combining this with commercial insight, our offer to you is unique.
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"in good spirit"
Good and exciting news in our latest newletter "in good spirit". Read it now!
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You are always welcome to call, text or email us for requests, questions or feedback.
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Lifelong learning
Our goal is to inspire you and your co-workers to a continuous learning and experience exchange. This will strengthen your company’s and your customers’ business.
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Steel Pro Basics
Intensive one-day training about the material properties of steel, manufacturing and design of prduucts made in steel and much more for professionals update of steel basics.
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Design in Steel
Three day training for designers. Choice of material, instability and fatigue design.
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The Customer Offer, technical and commercial.
A training for everyone with customer contacs.
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Consultative Sales
Tailor-made training containing market analysis, prospecting, upgrading the customer offer and applying consultative sales methods.
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Presentation Technique
Improve your company’s presentation and your communication. A training directed to large and small companies, organizations and individuals.
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Customized training
Training programs according to your needs that fulfil your objectives.
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We assist you with change management, market surveys, design and production projects, material selection, tailored training concepts, information platforms and developing tools.
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Traing concepts and platforms
We have the experience needed to create your companys unique concept and platform for learning!
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Executive Management
When you need strategic and knowledgeable partners that respond to changing business conditions and find new opportunities to ensure a prosperous future, contact us!
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Market research and development
When you develop a new market or refine your product offering further, we can assist you to explore your opportunities.
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Structural Design and Material Selection
We have leading expertise in design and materials issues and long experience from a variety of product development projects.
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Production Processes
We have expertise in different production methods and processes, such as forming and welding of high strength steels, Quality Assurance and the production flow.
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Technical information
We have long experience of technical documentation in the form of manuals, software applications and technical manuals. You give us your specifications and we do the rest!
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IT, web-pages and programming
If you need support for IT-issues, web-pages or programming you are welcome to contact us.
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–the easy-to-use tool for Fatigue Design
Our mission is to reduce the number of fatigue failures and increase the durability of fatigue loaded structures.
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Manufacturing Guide
Everything you want to know about maufacturing and access to specialists.
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